Can You Do It? 2012 Registration Opens Wednesday!

This Wednesday, February 15th at 7PM (Mountain Standard Time) registration will open for the 2012 Park City Point 2 Point, which we be held on Labor Day Weekend again here in PC (Sept 1, 2012).

Wondering what the course is all about – check out this killer map, created by our friends at SKID MAP > As of right now, the course will be exactly as it was last year!

For registration, if you are serious about trying to get a spot, here’s what I’d plan on.

  • Log on to a day prior to the registration launch
  • Create a user profile if you don’t already have one
  • Night of registration get on athlete and log in sometime before 7PM Mountain Standard Time
  • At 7PM take a stab at registering
  • Good Luck!