7 Days Away – 2012 PCP2P

A few things you racers should be thinking about…

> MANDATORY Waiver signing and number pick up – Friday, August 31st at Canyons Resort (3PM – 7PM).  More info on in the Racer Handbook.

>   How are you going to get to the start line – please remember, there is no parking at the start venue (this is a public park that will be in use all day after we leave the area).  More in the Racer Handbook.

>   Please, while you are out on the trails racing/riding the P2P, remember you are sharing the trails with the community.  This is not a closed course and you will run into multiple public users.  Slow down, say hello, and make the pass – you will not lose the race because you took the time to be kind.  Thanks, this goes a long way towards the future of the race.

>  Deer Valley resort will be running the lift from Snow Park (lower DV) to Silver Lake (upper DV).  If you have someone that will be watching/supporting you at Silver Lake they must park at Snow Park and use one of the two lift tickets you’ll receive to ride up to Silver Lake.  There is NO PARKING at Silver Lake, they will be towed.

>  What is your food plan?  We will have CarboRocket, NUUN, Elete and Water.  We will also have Honeystinger and GU products, as well as some hard foods (PBJ’s, oranges, bananas, etc).  If you have special needs, you need to make a plan for yourself.

It is looking to be more of the same in the weather department – hot, dry, dusty trails.  Sorry, we tried to order a little rain last week, it just never fully materialized.