2014 PCP2P Open Classes Recap (Full Results)

By: Shannon Boffeli


Each edition of the Park City Point 2 Point in Park City, Utah, seems to have it’s own unique defining characteristic. This year it was hero dirt. Two solid weeks of rain leading up to the event packed down the trail surface leaving riders with 72 miles of eminently shreddable singletrack loveliness to contest.

All of the 350 riders had nothing but smiles and compliments about the amazing trail conditions and never-ending one track at the sixth edition of the Point 2 Point.

Once again racing started bright and early at 7 a.m. with the open men and women categories leading the way.

The men’s group included a mix of the best ultra-endurance racers in the country including 5-time Point 2 Point winner and recent Breck Epic champion Alex Grant (Sho-Air/Cannondale). Joining Grant were High Cascades winner Cary Smith (Hub Cyclery), Colorado strongmen Jay Henry (Tokyo Joe’s) and Josh Tostado (Swiftwick/Santa Cruz), racing legend Tinker Juarez (Sho-Air/Cannondale), and local roadie Rob Squire (Jamis) fresh off the Tour of Utah and US Pro Challenge.

Squire took the early lead and led most of the rolling terrain in the first hour of the race. A large lead group of 15-20 riders formedDSC_0019 at the front until Alex Grant decided to create the first separation with an attack into the Prospector trail network. His attack whittled the leaders down to just six until Squire turned the heat up even more taking just Grant and Juarez with him on the Snow Top climb.

Rob Squire, a former US National Team mountain biker, showed he hadn’t lost his trail riding ability even though he was on a borrowed bike and riding a 29er for the first time. Squire climbed with speed and power and with a lot more climbing to come Squire, Juarez, and Grant kept stretching their lead making this the critical move of the day.  Jay Henry stayed just in sight of the leaders about 20 seconds back.

After cresting the day first big climb at the top of Deer Valley it was Grant’s turn to get back to work. The Sho-Air rider moved in front just before the start of the new enduro segment downhill using the technical, twisting descent to open a gap between himself and Juarez and posting the fastest enduro time of the day. Squire meanwhile, had dropped back struggling with a soft tire that would need to be filled 10 times before the finish.

The young Jamis rider wouldn’t let a soft tire stop him as he overtook Juarez on the next long climbing section and held second position through the finish.

Alex Grant was long gone though. In previous editions, once out front the 5-time P2P champion leaves nothing to chance putting time on his rivals with every turn and berm on the course. This year was no different.

By the time Grant reached Park City Mountain Resort he had over 5 minutes in hand and would stretch that lead to 17 minutes by the finish breaking his previous course record with a time of 6 hours 16 minutes.

Robbie Squire nursed his squishy tire through the final 20 miles of rocks to take second in front of the always-astounding Tinker Juarez.

That left fourth place up for grabs with Nate Miller (Light & Motion) holding on to the spot until a flat at Iron Mountain dropped him behind the fast-finishing Jay Henry with less than 15 miles to go.

Miller was able to repair his tire just in time to preserve a podium finish in front of Josh Tostado who had been moving through the field late in the race.

The women put on an equally exciting show with recent Steamboat Stinger winner Gretchen Reeves (Tokyo Joe’s) leading the way early in the race. The Tokyo Joe’s rider started fast and put big time gaps on her competitors including local racer Meghan Sheridan (UtahMountainBiking.com) who occupied second place for much of the day and Kelly Boniface (Moots) riding in third.

Reeves out climbed everyone early on and did even more damage on the descents easily winning the mid-race enduro segment as well as every other descent on the 72-mile course.

DSC_0090As the riders descended into Park City Mountain Resort Reeves held close to 10 minutes on her nearest rival, which at that point was Kelly Boniface. Boniface had jumped in front of Sheridan but both left PCMR in sight of each other.

With just 20 miles between Park City Mountain Resort and the finish some racers begin to relax, feeling like the finish is almost in their grasp. That strategy has been proven wrong in the past as a nasty mixture of big climbs, abusive rock gardens, and daunting downhills await riders in these last miles and can be the difference between a great and terrible finish.

A lot can happen in the final two hours of the Point 2 Point.

Reeves was so far ahead it seemed no one could catch her certainly not the fourth placed rider Marlee Dixon (Epic Brewing/MTBRaceNews.com). No one told Dixon that however as she blew through the Park City feedzone without stopping and quickly gobbled up both Sheridan and Boniface.

Dixon, who recently won three stages at the Breck Epic, had been riding in fourth for most of the day but refused to have a worse finish than her third place here in 2013. A slow start seemed to leave plenty of gas in her tank as she now focused on catching Reeves in first. At the same time Reeves seemed to be having her roughest patch of the race. Not feeling well throughout the final stretches of the race. Luckily for the Tokyo Joe’s rider she had done enough work in the early miles of the race. Her lead dwindled throughout the final 20 miles but not enough to cost her a race win. She crossed the line with a well-deserved win after 7 hours and 46 minutes of racing. Dixon crossed the line just 1 minute 12 seconds later. So close they could see each other on the final downhill.

Kelly Boniface stayed strong to the finish, coming home in third and avoiding the back issues that have plagued her in other long distance races.

Meghan Sheridan was the first Utah rider to cross the line in fourth followed by Carrie Porter in fifth.

Race Notes

- Park City Point 2 Point paid equal for the open men and women with the winner taking home a check for $2,000

- The Point 2 Point hosted a full field of 350 racers from 24 different states

- 63-year-old Brad Mullen has raced every edition of the Point 2 Point and was this year’s oldest finisher.

- Cynthia Taff, from Murrieta, California, completed the race to become the oldest female finisher at age 51. She broke into tears after crossing the finish line.



The SRAM Enduro Challenge!

Presented by SRAM
Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 9.49.18 AM
Everyone entered in the P2P will get a time for the Enduro section and is automatically participating!  The segment will be from the top of T. & G. Trail and finish on the new Sam’s Trail (See Map Below).  There will have timing mats at the top and bottom of the section clearly identified with SRAM banners, it’s guaranteed to spice things up the 2014 event.
The best part, you don’t have to do a darn thing to sign-up for it.  As you go through the segment, everyone gets a time!  Have fun with, don’t care about it, only focus on the Enduroit’s all up to you.   THE ONLY RULE (besides riding the entire segment on your bike) – you MUST FINISH the entire P2P race course to qualify!
PRIZING Provided by SRAM
> The two Open classes will get a $100 premium for Top Man and Top Woman through the enduro segment
> The age group categories we all compete together and will be awarded Three Deep in a Mens and Womens category (no age breaks)
  • Champions: SRAM RockShox, your choice of SID XX or PIKE
  • 2nd Place:  SRAM Truvativ Carbon Bars
  • 3rd Place:  SRAM Truvativ Aluminium Bar



Course Outlined on skidmap.com – Click Here 


Point 2 Point Announces Enduro Segment – Registration Launches Feb. 26th at 7PM!

One of the country’s top endurance events, the Park City Point 2 Point, will feature an enduro segment in this year’s race. In it’s sixth year as one of the most lucrative mountain bike races in the country, the Point 2 Point will be giving out even more cash and prizes in 2014 with the addition of the new enduro feature.


Image: Grizzly Adam

Race director Jay Burke announced he would be incorporating the enduro segment on one of the races 20-minute-plus singletrack descents. Currently the ripping fun TG/Corvair trails are the prime suspect for the DH segment, so stay tuned.

The Point 2 Point gave out over $15,000 in cash last year and twice that in merchandise, making it one of the most rewarding races in the country. That trend looks to continue through the 2014 season despite the race officials choosing withdrawal from the National Ultra Endurance series in the upcoming season.

“We felt the Point 2 Point worked best as a standalone event”, said director Jay Burke, “we enjoyed our time with the NUE but the Point 2 Point is an event onto itself and we want to keep the grit and adventurous feel of the race.”

Thanks to the unparalleled Park City trail system, world-class venues, and fun atmosphere, the Point 2 Point has indeed established itself and a national-level mountain bike event. In 2013 the race hosted 350 enthusiastic dirt fiends from 23 different states and 4 different countries. Over the past 5 years some of the dirt racing elite have taken on the challenge of the Park City Point 2 Point including Tinker Juarez, Pua Mata, Rebecca Rusch, Jay Henry, Josh Tostado, Alex Grant, Amanda Carey, and Ben Sonntag.

Registration for the 2014 Park City Point 2 Point opens Wednesday, February 26th at 7PM M.S.T. And riders hoping to get a spot better be on the ball as the Utah event has sold out it’s 350 spots in less than 10 minutes 4 years running.

Riders hoping for a spot should visit athlete360.com to create an account prior to the 26th. Then be primed and ready to type quickly when 7PM rolls around on the 26th. Good Luck.


The Park City Point 2 Point Will Not be a Western N.U.E. Series Stop in 2014

The 75 mile Park City Point 2 Point endurance mountain bike race has decided to revert back to being an independent event for the 2014 season and not retain their affiliation with the National Ultra Endurance Series (N.U.E.).

“We’ve decided to really focus on the vibe of what we feel has made the P2P such a special event,” said Jay Burke, race promoter. “There are not too many events like this still being organized in the US, and we really want to focus on keeping it feeling more like an adventure, the original intent.” Burke went on to say, “Getting to the finish line of this event is a huge accomplishment for most folks, you need to be fit, have good luck, and have some understanding of the course and/or be running a GPS system of some type.”

The 2014 event will be relatively unchanged, and if possible, will run the exact same route it did for 2013. “The feedback on the last years course was very positive and we will work hard with local organizations to keep it unchanged,” said Burke. Look for the event to feature it’s traditional $15,000 equal gender cash payout, along with all the quirky promotions from the past, like the Scott Sports “I’m Somebody” Award.

If you are going to take a stab at the event in 2014 you should mark your calendars for the registration date, sellout the last three years happened in about 5 minutes. 2014 registration opens at 7PM Sharp M.S.T. on February 26th.

So the question still remains, “Can You Do It?”



Park City Point 2 Point Donates Mid-Mountain Trail Bike Stand

The Park City Point 2 Point (PCP2P) held their annual Labor Day Weekend mountain bike race again this summer, hosting athletes from 24 states and running the event over 75 miles of Park City trails.  As a show of appreciation for allowing the event to take over the trail system for one day each year, they have recently purchased a bike repair stand for the Mid-Mountain Trail.

The bike stand is located approximately half way between Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort at The Colony’s

At Left, John O’Connell of Iron Mountain Associates (The Colony) stands with Jay Burke of the Park City Point 2 Point.

At Left, John O’Connell of Iron Mountain Associates (The Colony) stands with Jay Burke of the Park City Point 2 Point.

restrooms.  The stand has multiple tools, as well as a pump, for bikers traveling across the 15-mile trail and finding themselves in a pinch for a quick repair.

Point 2 Point Promotions purchased the stand and then worked with The Colony (Iron Mountain Associates) to find a permanent location on their property and to have them manage the installation of the stand.

“We are happy to be able to provide this resource for backcountry travelers, it is the least we can do for this community which graciously works with us each year while the event is being held,”  said Park City Point 2 Point race director, Jay Burke.  “Approaching The Colony made perfect sense, they maintain a restroom on the trail at about the half way point, and this just seemed to be a perfect fit, they were excited to be a part of it.”

The Mid-Mountain trail runs from Deer Valley Resort all the way over to Canyons Resort.  The section of the trail where the new stand is located is managed by the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District, and they will be responsible for the maintenance of the new stand.


2013 Open Classes Report – Grant and Dong Top Podium

Alex Grant Takes a Dramatic Win in Park City with Local Speedster Evelyn Dong Taking the Women’s Event

With none of the thunderstorms that plagued last year’s Park City Point 2 Point, riders were treated to a near-perfect day of mild temperatures, sunny skies, and prime trail conditions.

Rains throughout the week had dampened the trails preparing the perfect treat for the 350 hardy riders capable of taking on one of the nation’s toughest single-day mountain bike races. An event like none other, the Park City Point 2 Point takes riders on well over 70 miles of purpose-built singletrack in America’s first IMBA Gold certified trail system. Making it even more unique is the fact that in 75 miles riders never hit the same piece of trail twice-a trait that pushes many riders into singletrack overload by the time they reach the finish.

Racing started at 7am with the open men and women’s fields taking a charge at the 75 miles of singletrack and over 12,000 feet of climbing that lay ahead.

Evan Plews (Ibis/Kenda) took the early lead guiding the pack through the first miles of one-track. ag2013p2pChampPlews did his best to push the pace at the front creating the days first separation. Plews was joined by Coloradoan Jay Henry (Tokyo Joe’s), Alex Grant (Sho-Air/Cannondale), Nick Fisher (Rooster’s/Bikers Edge), and Nate Miller (Pivot/Light in-Motion). The lead group of five stayed close through the first 15 miles of the 75-mile course until Sho-Air rider Grant decided to take over at the front of the race.

Once out front Grant’s pace was too much for his companions as the slim climber pulled away from the group. Jay Henry quickly bridged that gap to the lone leader and the two of them quickly stretched their advantage.By mile 25 Grant and Henry were well clear of the others riding comfortably together heading through the first feed zone at Deer Valley Resort. Miller and Plews came through next followed by Nick Fisher who was starting to feel the effects of a fast start.

The lead duo stayed together passing the halfway point with just seconds between the two. That’s when Grant started putting pressure on his companion gapping him briefly on the Empire Link climb. Henry survived and scratched his way back to the leader as the two attacked the unending twists and turns of John’s trail, a local favorite in the Park City trail system. The next big climb on the Steps trail saw Grant riding away again. This attack proved too much for Jay Henry, who was now chasing the lone leader.

By mile 50 Alex Grant was well out front holding a roughly 4-minute advantage on Henry and 10 minutes on Nate Miller who was riding solo in third place for most of the race.

2013 Mens PodiumNever one to coast into the finish line Alex Grant attacked again on  the day’s final long climb stretching his lead up to almost 10 minutes at the top of the Armstrong trail. Grant cruised through the high-speed descents in and around the world-renowned Canyons Resort and just as the feeling that he might have his fifth Point 2 Point win in the bag he cut his rear tire on a rock. The leader was less than 5 miles from the finish and unable to get his tire to hold more than 10 psi. Not knowing how much of a lead he held, Grant was afraid fixing his tire would cost too much time and possibly the lead, Grant decided to press his luck and ride the flat over the ensuing rocky climb and descent to the finish. His gamble paid losing some time but not enough to cost him a fifth consecutive Park City Point 2 Point win. Alex Grant limped across the line with a record-setting time of 6:24:37.

Jay Henry had no problem holding onto his second place spot crossing the line just over 7 minutes behind. Nate Miller crossed the line in third. Fourth place went to Cary Smith (Team CF) who was just a week out from having pins placed in his broken left hand. Fifth place went to another Park City resident, Sam Sweetser (Cole Sport), who struggled after a slow start. Sweetser was mired outside the top-20 in the early portions of the race. He crept up through the pack all day and looked fresh after 50 miles attacking the final third of the race to finish just seconds behind Cary Smith.

The women’s race packed an equal amount of drama as local lady Evelyn Dong (White Pine Touring) lined up against Colorado mountain bike superstar Gretchen Reeves (Tokyo Joe’s). Both riders got EvelynP2Pchamp2013off to a great start as Dong enjoyed big cheers from the home crowd.

The petite White Pine rider took the early lead cruising into the Deer Valley feed with some breathing space between her and chaser Reeves. Following the feed riders attacked the steep Team Big Bear climb and Flagstaff Loop before crossing a paved road on their way to a ripping descent down the Corvair trail.

This crossing could have cost Evelyn the race as she turned left on the road climbing a long section before realizing her mistake. “Being a local you’d think I wouldn’t get off course” she said after the race, “I came out on the road and climbed up to the top of the pavement even though I knew [Corvair] was the other way. I don’t know what I was thinking.” By the time she turned around and got back on course Reeves had closed the deficit between them and the two were together once again.

Now halfway through the race the leader had lost all her advantage and the two rode together through Corvair. “I just really tried to stay calm and not let it get to me.” Evelyn shared after the race. When the climbing started again Dong was able to start rebuilding her lead. Reeves was still 2013 Womens Podiumwithin a couple minutes at mile 50 but the leader used the final 25 miles to her advantage hammering through the rock-strewn Iron Mountain section and cruising in to Canyons Resort 20 minutes clear of her chaser.

Gretchen Reeves had an impressive ride herself finishing second with a time that would have put her just outside the top-20 in the Open Men’s category.

Reeves was followed by a duo of Colorado riders with Breckenridge resident Marlee Dixon coming home in third and Aspen local Rachel Hadley taking fourth. Fifth place went to Sarah Kaufmann (Stan’s NoTubes Elite). Kaufmann had been focusing on the Point 2 Point as her first big endurance race since being severely injured in an auto versus bicycle accident in 2012. The NoTubes rider was certainly satisfied with her accomplishment just a year out from breaking her pelvis and elbow.

CAN YOU DO IT?  2014 Park City Point 2 Point, August 30th!  Get your spot, February 19th (7PM)


Couple Days Away…2013 Park City Point 2 Point


We appreciate everyones desire to race the Park City Point 2 Point and hope you all have a rewarding experinece.  There are racers travleing from 24 states to participate in this years event, thanks to those of you traveling great distances and for choosing to race in Park City, UT!


Here is a link to our website that contains all of the information racers will need to prepare for the weekend.


A few things I just want to reiterate.

1.  All racers must come to the number pick-up and waiver signing extravaganza at Canyons Resort on Friday afternoon > > 3:00 – 7:00PM

2.  We will have a race meeting at 6:30PM – attendace recommended, but not mandetory.

3.  PLEASE, tell anyone that may be supporting you at Deer Valley they must park at Snow Park Lodge (lower DV) and ride the lift up.  Each racer get two FREE lift tickets – share them with others if you don’t use them.

Most everthing else is covered in the Handbook.


Lastly a simple reminder, for most it probably doesn’t need to be stated, but it will make me feel better if I do.

This race is in the mountains, the weather can change rapidly, and probably will.  Make sure you have the right equipement that can get you through the race (light jacket is a good idea).  Lightning is common this time of year, please read-up on how to keep yourself safe if this situation should arise.

Lastly, we do our best to have enough food for all racers wanting to use our support stations, however, sometimes that certian product that you wanted might be gone already.  Please, be prepared and bring some extra if you think you might need it – it could be be the little diffence you’re looking for.

We’re excited to see you all at the finish line…have fun, be smart, and maybe you will be saying “I DID IT!”


FREE Entry Available to a Good Home!

Dead Serious…here is the deal, R. Scott Tedro, President of Sho-Air and team owner of Team Sho-Air Cannondale) purchased an entry that the Kenda Pro MTB Team auctioned off last week.  Tedro paid over $200 for the entry and wants to pass it on to a “deserving” individual – somebody with a really good story as to why they want to race the Park City Point 2 Point.  If you think you fit-the-bill, comment on this BLOG post, or on our Facebook to be considered.  We will keep accepting comments through this weekend, posting a winner next week (12th-ish).

The entry was originally owned by Kenda, a presenting sponsor of the PCP2P, their racer could not attend this year so they decided to auction the entry and give all the proceeds to NICA (the National High School Mountain Biking League).  Tedro won the auction last week paying $205 for it.  His intentions are obvious as always – support Mountain Bike Racing in the US! As some of you may know, R. Scott Tedro is a huge force in the US mountain biking scene, as the owner of a pro team and major racing events like the US Cup and Pro XCT

We all look forward to seeing why you think you are deserving of this entry and how you will help inspire and support MTB racing!


Stay in Park City for the P2P Weekend!

Where Are You Staying During the Point 2 Point Weekend?

There are many options for lodging in Park City, Utah, our suggestion would be to stay with one of your partner groups.  Either at Canyons Resort, great location at the finish line of the resort, or in town at The Peaks hotel.  The Peaks is a great property with an exceptional rate, convenient location (you can ride to the start in the morning).

The Canyons Resort:  Conveniently Located at the Finish Line

canyons resort

Stay at the Finish Line!  Rates Starting at $136 per night Breakfast Included.
To book your stay please visit the Canyons Website

The Peaks Hotel:  A great value in town location


Stay in Park City, Utah at the Peaks Hotel, very convenient Location
Stellar Rate > $65 Per Night! (BOOK BY AUGUST 5th)

Call Park City Peaks Hotel directly @ 435-649-5000 or 800-649-5012 to reservation.  Must mention  “Point 2 Point”.

A Few Camping Options in the Area

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of great camping options that are conveniently located to the course.  We have an RV park, that has some tent camping, about 10 minutes from the start area.  Additionally there is a state park which is also about 10 minutes away from the start.  Here are the links to those two facilities.

Park City RV Resort
Jordanelle State Park


Pre-Ride Weekend!

Come to Park City for the day, or the weekend. Ride the PROPOSED 2013 P2P course with fellow racers and bikers. This is not a race, it is not timed, and it is not supported at all. You are completely on your own in regard to food, water, medical support, etc., etc. There will more than likely be multiple groups with different ability levels and you can start or stop wherever you like.

For fun, we will have two KOM’s, these are supported by our Friends at Backcountry.com – stay tuned for these sections to be posted (times will only be taken from the date of the ride). Fastest Male Time Saturday wins $100 gift card form Backcountry, Fastest Female on Sunday wins a $100 gift card from Backcountry as well.

Day One: SATURDAY, JUNE 15TH, 2013 (Departure Location PCMR Parking Lot, ride Rail Trail to Round Valley – 7:30AM)
Riding from Round Valley (start zone) and heading to PCMR – Day Will Finish at the bottom of Johns (descend down Jenni’s Trail to end day).

Saturday Evening: Fun at Trailside Park. Bring your bike (a dirt jumper or park bike if you have one) and ride the dirt park, have some pizza, watch the movie Singletrack High (documentary). THIS IS A FUNDRAISER FOR THE PC HIGH SCHOOL MOUNTAIN BIKE TEAM. (Proceeds from pizza sales, and a raffle will go to the team!). The Movie is FREE and starts at Dark (8:30PM-ish).

Day Two: SUNDAY, JUNE 16TH, 2013 (PCMR Parking Lot – departure time 7:30AM)
Ride from PCMR, up Jenni’s Trail to get to the Start of today’s ride (Bottom of John’s on Jenni’s Trail).

The routes could possibly change, but for now this is the plan. We hope to have the final course figured out by the pre-ride weekend, but that is not a guarantee.

LODGING SPECIAL:  The Peaks Hotel – $69 for Friday night or $59 for Saturday night.
You must call Kim at 1-435-604-4010 – use the CODE:  Point2PointJune
Book it by June 1oth or the rate and avails can’t be guaranteed.

Should be a very fun weekend.

Park City Point 2 Point MTB Race